Parenting 101


Being a parent has got to be one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world.

My son just turned 3 last week and I can’t help but look at him and think of how wonderful he is growing up. Yes, he’s a typical boy, always wanting to climb to heights that would make a trapeze artist think twice and give you a coronary, always wanting to run, not being able to keep still for a split second because he feels he must always be doing something,and I could go on and on. Yes, he has those moments when I feel like I would run away but all in all he’s such a good boy. He is very protective of his little sister, who turned 2 in August and they are like 2 peas in a pod.

A lot of people are amazed that I manage to care for 2 small children without losing my sanity or at least some hair on my head. They think so to the point where people have actually asked me if I’m not going to have another one. I tell them where to get off when they come with that line of argument. The truth be told, if I could afford to be a stay at home mom and could afford it, I would have more children … not like Mrs. Duggar who has 18 going on 19 but I think I would stop at 4. And … my son has been asking me for 2 brothers lately, specifically brothers because he “already has a sister and he doesn’t want another one”. Interesting.

These have been my tenets for raising my children:

1. Good managers. They must say good morning to anyone they see when they wake up.
2. Must say prayers. Before eating and going to bed.
3. Must learn something new every day, not necessarily academically, but a life skill, a new fact of the world, etc.
4. Must take a nap in the daytime. They can’t just keep going and going and going … and mommy needs a break too.
5. Respect each other’s space. Give the other one privacy when in the bathroom or being changed.
6. Respect mommy and daddy and sister/brother. Hitting, kicking, biting, scraping or spitting on us never goes unpunished.
7. Spend time outside. Nothing beats some fresh air, sunshine, grass and water from a hose!
8. Be independent. Learn to do things on their own, e.g., putting dirty clothes in the basket, diaper in the bin, brushing teeth, etc.
9. Speak the truth and speak it ever … they both know this gem word for word
10. Share.

Parenting skills are honed overtime and I believe in setting the tone from now for those dreaded teenage years that appear to be the most challenging for every parent. One of the most important characteristics a parent needs is patience, especially in the early days when you have to be repeating the same thing a million times. I’m lucky to have been blessed with that characteristic, but since I’ve been a parent, I’ve prayed many times for supernatural patience. Sometimes that is what it takes to get through an evening or a day.

At the end of it all, nothing beats the smile from a child because it is pure, genuine and from the heart. It makes all the challenges worth going through at the end of the day.

To all the parents out there, continue to do a good job of raising your children. You only get one chance to do it so do it well. To all the soon to be parents, don’t be afraid to ask for help at any time. It will be a new territory for you and rest assured, you won’t know it all, regardless of how you have excelled in other areas of your life. Nothing beats preparation – read up on parenting to get yourself in gear. You won’t regret it. Never doubt yourself or your ability to do a good job regardless of what your parents have to say. Parents on both sides tend to think they know best. That may be true but you too will have knowledge and skills to do an excellent job. Learn to say no. There’s nothing wrong in saying no to some advice you don’t think you need. Like, I remember when my son had a hiccup and my bf’s mom told me to put thread on his forehead to make him stop. I wasn’t about to do it and mi neva care if shi vex!

Bless up peeps. CD Out.


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  1. I love this…Certainly worth sharing with everyone I know and hopefully myself one day in the future. =)

  2. You’re kids are going to turn out fucking great, amazing post. Raising my pup was pretty crazy, I don’t know how I’d deal with a child. I am young, though. Still, at least kids have the decency to crap in their pants. Brutes used to hide it from me. I just say screw it, I’ll use the mattress.

  3. I loved your list.

    I helped raise my brother, and it is vital teaching children manners and respect early, because once the hormone’s kick in, all you have to rely on is the good habits they have hopefully formed.

    Your sound like a wonderful mum, keep it up. We need more of you in the world.

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