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Nothing Like a Friday Night


Wow … I can’t believe it’s Friday already. I’ve had such a long week, I wanted Friday to come so bad and it’s almost like now it’s here and I’m not prepared for it.

So … what am I going to do tonight? Definitely watch The Ity & Fancy Cat Show! It is the best local comedy show I’ve seen since Oliver at Large and Titus … yes, nothing after those came close. Ity and Fancy are taking “almshouse” as we would say in Jamdown to a new level. There “How Would You React” segment going to get them in trouble … I believe so fi real. Dem cyaan do dem tings dere inna Jamaica where people tek dem tings so serious. It’s just like Twin of Twins getting arrested shortly after the release of their “Stir It Up, Volume 7” CD … all because people cyaan take a joke any more. I’m sorry but I just have to laugh at jokes being made at Vybz Kartel’s Gaza and Movado’s Gully … I find it all so hilarious!

Anyhoo, onto more serious things. To my Jamaican peeps, what do you think about all this excitement being created about the fact that the National Security Minister had to be flown to Miami to do surgery allegedly to remove his gall bladder? To my other Caribbean folks, this has sparked a debate about the government’s confidence in the health care system in Jamaica, coming about because of the incident. All this being discussed in the public domain. I thought to myself, we’re becoming more and more like CNN every day … sensationalizing every single thing that happens it’s ridiculous. As someone who had their gall bladder removed right here, I want to believe that the gall bladder story is just a conspiracy theory and that he really went because of serious intestinal issues that required more expert attention … not that I really accept it but … let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

I think the highlight for me this week, was an article in the Sunday papers, both of them in fact, on the front page, an interview with our Police Commmissioner, Rear Admiral Hartley Lewis, calling for political unity on the crime issue … In a nutshell, he talked about the fact that the 2 major political parties are not willing to come together to tackle the issue head on, as one doesn’t want to help the other to win another 5 years in Gordon House. How many people have to be murdered for them to realize that the only people who win are the criminals? How many more mothers will have to bury their sons and daughters, grandsons and nieces, before they realize that the only people who pay the price are the victims? I’m so sick and tired of the political rhetoric on this matter that I no longer pay attention to them when they talk about what they are going to do. I admit, I see baby steps in that they are seriously tackling the matter of corruption in the police force. Never before in our history have we seen so many policemen arrested, tried and convicted for corruption charges. It is a refreshing new paradigm shift for the country. Many more like that and a few politicians added to the list will definitely raise my confidence 0.5 of a bar in the Justice system.

So many other things of interest have happened, but I think I’ve been serious enough for one night that I’m supposed to be relaxing.

Blog peeps, enjoy the weekend for those who read this before this weekend is over and for those who read it after, you can apply it to the next applicable one. Giving you one of my favourite throwback tunes to start the party … Bless up.


Walk Down Memory Lane


It is amazing some of the things you remember from your high school days. I remember …

Going to the Student’s Council convention held in Mandeville if memory serves me right when I was about 16 years old.  At the Student’s Council Convention there are several activities including the election of executive members to serve for the following year.  I can say without apology that the elections was the last thing on most people’s mind who went to the convention … EVERYONE was there to attend the party, shin-dig, session, dance that is held on the Saturday night (convention was usually over a weekend).

CD was no different as I saw this as an opportunity to hook up with some guy who had similar interests as me, not bad looking, had a good body and could hold a decent conversation for at least 10 minutes (oh how our priorities were screwed up back then).

Ok, so the night of the dance … the pressure of choosing the perfect outfit that would accentuate your ass and breasts in an attempt to attract the opposite sex.  I remember my outfit like it was yesterday.  It was a pallaza pants suite with a chiffon top that would not only accentuate my voluptuous D cup breasts, but would also give a sneak peek into the other delicious flesh that lied beneath.  The pants too, as I had a big but, look nice and round and plump and ready for the grabbing.

CD didn’t hold back on the dance floor, dancing to her favourite tunes as if there was no tomorrow, flinging it up, bubbling and wining like a dancing queen.  Yes, the the vultures started to circle to get a better view of my ass bobbing up and down and my breasts jiggling while I shook my chest to whatever song was playing at the time.  I got some attention, one particular guy, Raleigh*, started dancing with me, we grinded our hips together, I made him dance with me from behind … and we had a blast.

Then comes the slow dance, the love songs, the time when anybody who had already hooked up at the convention would find that person to snuggle and cuddle and dance with.  I had Raleigh and so we snuggled together dancing to whatever love song was playing and we moved slowly, trying to match each other’s rhythm …

… and then it happened … I felt what I had been waiting for (I think), his hands slowing moving along my ass, then to my hips, then to my side, then under my blouse (OMG, he’s going for a feelskie), then to my breast and then cupping.  Oh yes, CD had hooked up with a guy who she didn’t know which school he was representing, if he had a girlfriend or know his last name … Oh well, who cared, I was there to have fun and fun was what I was having.  After a couple songs and a couple more squeezes, he made and attempt to … KISS ME!!! I was like what the fuck?  Who does this guy think he is?  Trying to kiss me …??? So because he had his hand all over my breasts for a grand total of 10 minutes he feels that gives him the right to a lip lock with my soft, sweet lips????

Hell no!  Out a order!

Staying in Touch


It is amazing how hard it is these days to stay in touch.  I remember back in 1993, I went on a search for a penpal.  I went through a few and finally found one in Germany, a girl, the same age as me.  It was so much fun, writing letters (not email) on real paper, walking 10 minutes to the post office to mail these letters off, pay for the stamp and then wait for 2 months or sometimes more to get a reply.  I remember the excitement I would feel when the post man came and I would see the very familiar colourful envelops she used to send her letters in.

We corresponded for years until 1998 when we just lost tough with each other.  The last letter I wrote to her, I had just opened my very first email address, at Yahoo and had put that email address in the letter, saying it would be much easier for us to communicate this way.  When a year or 2 passed, I just accepted the fact that I had lost my very special friend.   As an only child, you cannot imagine the companionship you find in the strangest places.  My penpal and I connected so well, talking about the stresses of school, being a teenager, boys and the works.  And then, I didn’t hear from her.

FF to 2007 … I get an email from … you guessed it .. my long lost pen pal.  It was a good thing I never changed my email address … it is the same one I’ve had and used since 1997 … and now, we communicate more often, and we’ve even connected now on facebook.  Now we share pics electronically, back in 1997, we sent real photos, printed and all, and back then, they certainly weren’t call pics.

Now, what are the odds that we would reconnect in this way?

These days, we just get caught up in the daily grind of life, that we don’t make the time anymore to call up our friends, or an old one or too just to say hello and find out how they are doing.  I try to do that as much as possible.  I haven’t gotten around to calling every one yet, but it is so important to keep in touch.  It would be really sad to hear that someone you thought was a friend or special even in the smallest way, was no longer around for you to reach out to.

This year, let’s try to stay in touch with the people we care about, even a little.  It could make a difference.

On another note, I hope everyone remembers to check the “Thought For Today” tab at the right!

Bless up!