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Nothing Like a Friday Night


Wow … I can’t believe it’s Friday already. I’ve had such a long week, I wanted Friday to come so bad and it’s almost like now it’s here and I’m not prepared for it.

So … what am I going to do tonight? Definitely watch The Ity & Fancy Cat Show! It is the best local comedy show I’ve seen since Oliver at Large and Titus … yes, nothing after those came close. Ity and Fancy are taking “almshouse” as we would say in Jamdown to a new level. There “How Would You React” segment going to get them in trouble … I believe so fi real. Dem cyaan do dem tings dere inna Jamaica where people tek dem tings so serious. It’s just like Twin of Twins getting arrested shortly after the release of their “Stir It Up, Volume 7” CD … all because people cyaan take a joke any more. I’m sorry but I just have to laugh at jokes being made at Vybz Kartel’s Gaza and Movado’s Gully … I find it all so hilarious!

Anyhoo, onto more serious things. To my Jamaican peeps, what do you think about all this excitement being created about the fact that the National Security Minister had to be flown to Miami to do surgery allegedly to remove his gall bladder? To my other Caribbean folks, this has sparked a debate about the government’s confidence in the health care system in Jamaica, coming about because of the incident. All this being discussed in the public domain. I thought to myself, we’re becoming more and more like CNN every day … sensationalizing every single thing that happens it’s ridiculous. As someone who had their gall bladder removed right here, I want to believe that the gall bladder story is just a conspiracy theory and that he really went because of serious intestinal issues that required more expert attention … not that I really accept it but … let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

I think the highlight for me this week, was an article in the Sunday papers, both of them in fact, on the front page, an interview with our Police Commmissioner, Rear Admiral Hartley Lewis, calling for political unity on the crime issue … In a nutshell, he talked about the fact that the 2 major political parties are not willing to come together to tackle the issue head on, as one doesn’t want to help the other to win another 5 years in Gordon House. How many people have to be murdered for them to realize that the only people who win are the criminals? How many more mothers will have to bury their sons and daughters, grandsons and nieces, before they realize that the only people who pay the price are the victims? I’m so sick and tired of the political rhetoric on this matter that I no longer pay attention to them when they talk about what they are going to do. I admit, I see baby steps in that they are seriously tackling the matter of corruption in the police force. Never before in our history have we seen so many policemen arrested, tried and convicted for corruption charges. It is a refreshing new paradigm shift for the country. Many more like that and a few politicians added to the list will definitely raise my confidence 0.5 of a bar in the Justice system.

So many other things of interest have happened, but I think I’ve been serious enough for one night that I’m supposed to be relaxing.

Blog peeps, enjoy the weekend for those who read this before this weekend is over and for those who read it after, you can apply it to the next applicable one. Giving you one of my favourite throwback tunes to start the party … Bless up.


TGIF … Smile


My  Brethren, Ginnal, applied for an engineering position at a Kingston based  firm.  A Trini Engineer applied for the same job and both applicants  having the same qualifications were asked to take a test by the  department manager.

Upon completion of the test, the manager went  to Ginnal and said, “Thank you for your interest, but we’ve decided to give the  man from Trinidad the job.”

Ginnal  asked, “Suh why  yu do dat?  Boat a wi get nine questions rite.
Dis is Jumaika, and me  is Jumaikan, A me shudda get de wuk!”

The manager said, “We have  made our decision, not on the correct answers, but rather on the question that  you both missed.”
Ginnal  asked, “An how in the name of Jesus yu decide sey one wrong answer betta dan de adda?

“The  manager replied,
“Simple.  The Trini boy put down on question #5, ‘I don’t know.’   You
put down,  ‘Me no know eeda.'”

So …


So, since I’ve been away for so long, you know how it goes.  You have to come out with a new look, a new attitude, a big bang … My very lame attempt at doing that is to change my blog theme.  I can’t believe that after all this time, WordPress hasn’t taken the time to get some new themes developed.  I think almost all, if not all of the theme options have been there since I started using WP how many moons ago.  Even blogspot has made some strides, making me wonder if I did the right thing in moving from them and making me wonder if I should go back from whence I came.  I mean, I was a complete blog virgin, introduced to this wonderful world on blogspot and it’s been no turning back.  As a matter of fact, that was 5 years ago if my memory serves me correctly, and it usually does 🙂

So, what else will be new?  You will certainly learn more about the fun-loving, sexy, raunchy side of CD that I have managed to keep hidden from you all these years.  Only a few bloggers, have actually interacted with me on a personal level and if I dare say, they would tell you that I was one of the most wonderful persons they have ever “met” … right guys???

Apart from Michael Jackson taking up my time, and a terrible bout of tonsillitis I am now getting over, my new mini-addiction is America’s Got Talent.  Yes, yes, yes, I’m a sucker for reality talent shows.  It provides great entertainment when there is nothing else better on TV.  It amazes me that some of these persons actually THINK they have talent.  It is even more amazing when they say “My friends tell me I have a great singing voice and I could be the next Mariah Carey” and they actually believe these nincompoops who just don’t have the balls or the pubic hairs to tell a brother or sister not to waste theirs or America’s time by auditioning.  Mr. Dental Assistant, the Lone Ranger Rockstar that performed on tonight’s show is a perfect example.   I’ve also developed a meek affection for “Royal Pains” on USA.    The idea of a ‘concierge doctor’ as Dr Lawson is known is quite novel to me.  It is interesting to see how the rich, famous, not so famous, sinfully rich live.  When I see these things on TV and even in real life, I understand why God doesn’t make everyone rich.  Some of us couldn’t handle it at all!  Fi real, some a wi woulda tun eediat!

That’s it from me tonight.  Going to do some software updates on ma new baby … then call it a night.

Bless up everyone.  Good night.

Where Have You Been, young lady?


Well, well, well.  I can’t believe it has taken me all this time to do a post on this blog.  I have been so busy it’s not funny.

All in all though, I’ve been good.  My family has been good apart from the nasty flu that was going around and the Christmas season is in full swing. We put up our Christmas tree 1.5 weeks ago, my meat for Christmas dinner is all seasoned, and the ham and smoked chicken is dying to go into the oven!

In case I get too busy to send season’s greetings to my blog peeps, enjoy CDs Christmas Tree and …



While we are on this no internet topic


Well, my situation regarding the internet and cable slightly improved since my last post, having now signed up with Flow.  They have said they will start installations on October 1 and I’m so praying this doesn’t mean Christmas or new year.

What has been happening is that I’ve been getting ideas to post about stuff that has been happening both to me and in the world in general.  Of course, there is no internet for me to just jump on and start blogging.  Ok, so I decided that I was going to type them up in Word and save them so that I can post them when I come to my peeps crib once a week to check email.  Great!  The baby won’t allow me to do that.  She is such a demanding little lady … So, I have decided now that I will physically write  them … yes, with a pen/pencil and paper since typing is not a big deal for me (120 wpm).  I’m too lazy to do that!  Just the thought of actually writing a whole post gets my knickers in a twist!  The only thing I write is my supermarket shopping list and my signature.  Everything else is typed.

So, how do I fix this dilemma?  I have no clue.

There was an interesting article in the X-News titled “How To Catch A Player”.  I cut the article out to keep it and it’s just as good cause I can’t seem to find the article on the online version of the weekly tabloid.  I found it interesting as it was a Player’s guide to how women can actually land a player.  He basically said that players are all in it for the kill.  It’s about wining and dining, sweet talking a woman until she gives in to his sexual advances after which he moves on to the next unsuspecting victim who will give up the coochie before he can say “let’s have desert”.  He further explained that players like women who appear to be a challenge, one who is acting tough and not flinching at his valiant attempts of wooing with his tongue (with words of course).  Men who are players are intrigued by such women and are more inclined to want to settle down with a woman who doesn’t open her legs the first time he says hello.

Now, I believe people can change.  I believe this because I have.  Back in my days before I was in a committed relationship, I was somewhat of a player being a naughty girl at times.  When you meet someone that makes you think differently about life, and make you feel like you want to settle down, you will.  On the other hand, you hardly find men wanting to give up the player lifestyle.  It is just too sweet knowing that you have 5 women lined up who are willing to fulfil your every  need at your mere request, too sweet having women ringing off your phone just to get some time with you.  The massaging of the ego that these things bring, make it a tad bit harder for a man to decide to settle down … note, not saying impossible, but harder.

So, how many of my readers are players or have transitioned to the faithful partner every woman dreams of?? Tell CD your story!

More time everyone.