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Nothing Like a Friday Night


Wow … I can’t believe it’s Friday already. I’ve had such a long week, I wanted Friday to come so bad and it’s almost like now it’s here and I’m not prepared for it.

So … what am I going to do tonight? Definitely watch The Ity & Fancy Cat Show! It is the best local comedy show I’ve seen since Oliver at Large and Titus … yes, nothing after those came close. Ity and Fancy are taking “almshouse” as we would say in Jamdown to a new level. There “How Would You React” segment going to get them in trouble … I believe so fi real. Dem cyaan do dem tings dere inna Jamaica where people tek dem tings so serious. It’s just like Twin of Twins getting arrested shortly after the release of their “Stir It Up, Volume 7” CD … all because people cyaan take a joke any more. I’m sorry but I just have to laugh at jokes being made at Vybz Kartel’s Gaza and Movado’s Gully … I find it all so hilarious!

Anyhoo, onto more serious things. To my Jamaican peeps, what do you think about all this excitement being created about the fact that the National Security Minister had to be flown to Miami to do surgery allegedly to remove his gall bladder? To my other Caribbean folks, this has sparked a debate about the government’s confidence in the health care system in Jamaica, coming about because of the incident. All this being discussed in the public domain. I thought to myself, we’re becoming more and more like CNN every day … sensationalizing every single thing that happens it’s ridiculous. As someone who had their gall bladder removed right here, I want to believe that the gall bladder story is just a conspiracy theory and that he really went because of serious intestinal issues that required more expert attention … not that I really accept it but … let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

I think the highlight for me this week, was an article in the Sunday papers, both of them in fact, on the front page, an interview with our Police Commmissioner, Rear Admiral Hartley Lewis, calling for political unity on the crime issue … In a nutshell, he talked about the fact that the 2 major political parties are not willing to come together to tackle the issue head on, as one doesn’t want to help the other to win another 5 years in Gordon House. How many people have to be murdered for them to realize that the only people who win are the criminals? How many more mothers will have to bury their sons and daughters, grandsons and nieces, before they realize that the only people who pay the price are the victims? I’m so sick and tired of the political rhetoric on this matter that I no longer pay attention to them when they talk about what they are going to do. I admit, I see baby steps in that they are seriously tackling the matter of corruption in the police force. Never before in our history have we seen so many policemen arrested, tried and convicted for corruption charges. It is a refreshing new paradigm shift for the country. Many more like that and a few politicians added to the list will definitely raise my confidence 0.5 of a bar in the Justice system.

So many other things of interest have happened, but I think I’ve been serious enough for one night that I’m supposed to be relaxing.

Blog peeps, enjoy the weekend for those who read this before this weekend is over and for those who read it after, you can apply it to the next applicable one. Giving you one of my favourite throwback tunes to start the party … Bless up.


I Believe


The history created by Barack Obama will be talked about for the rest of time.  I heard this song today by R. Kelly and thought it was just awesome.  I love R Kelly and am so disappointed with all the pedophile charges against him … but he’s still a talented brother and I give him that.  Here is the youtube vido of his song, I Believe … Enjoy.

On a lighter note …


Warning to the behaviour of Jamaicans with Barack’s victory.

Good Morning My JAMAICAN VOTERS in the WONDERFUL U. S. of A. !!!

After watching the final debate the other night, it dawned on me that Obama could actually win this thing. If that happens, there will be a lot of JAMAICAN VOTERS who may not know how to conduct themselves!!  To keep the peace and keep a lot of folks from getting nervous, a Top TEN list of behaviors we should probably avoid – at least for the first few days – have been put together :

10. NO need to kill a goat or set up an OBAMA Pan chicken Stand!!

9. NO renaming of Ackee and Saltfish plate to Obama and Biden!!

8. NO made up losing rhymes! (Rain a fall, breeze a blow, mek McCain baxide stay out-a-door) or peenie peenie pon Palin pokie

7. NO selling of Manish Water or Half Way Tree style k9 soup in cups with Obama’s face on the side!!

6. NO acting like you knew Obama was going to win! (Mi nu tell uno say ‘im a guh blouse an skert win… Mi nu did tell yuh tu rahtid man ..eeeh jubba mi nu tell yuh

5. NO Palin name calling!! (That Ol’ Diby, Skettel eediat Eskimo freeze up skull no brain gal weh cyaan control har cayliss dawta weh out fi gi smaddy jackit fi di pickney weh shi deh raffle)

4. NO use of the word !@#%*!!!!mboclawt (Obama win to !!@~`*# ..ra$$clawt )

3. NO “SET-UP” fry fish an rum two bakkle a cream soda an dead pijin fi run duppy revivalist night for McCain/Palin supporters!

2. NO need to bake an Easter Bun on November the 5th for Obama’s winning!!! An fi di younger jinarayshan please no Tek weh yuhself , Nuh Lingah, dutty wine, hood tap ar any form of Skin out celebration, you however may beat yuh chess , do the gully creepa and make to di world gestures

AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE…… Mi a beg uno – do….

1. NO spliff burning/Ganja smoking in crowd at the inaugural ceremony!! (And NO duchie passing on the left hand side around the water cooler!!)

Respect Due!

Hard Talk


For those of us who watched Hard Talk on BBC last night with our very own Orrett Bruce Golding, would certainly have been proud of his presentation to London and indeed the world.

Click Here for a link to the article on

Click Here for links to the Videos of the programme

This show has a reputation for asking very tough questions and I must commend Brucie on handling himself with such confidence and demeanour and despite the tough issues he had to talk about – crime, poverty, homosexuality – he maintained his composure and made Jamaica proud. I can’t help but think if there had been another representative, in particular, our current leader of the opposition, how much damage could have been done to our reputation. Don’t get me wrong, Portia is a sweet sweet lady … but I don’t think that she could have withstood the fire of the questions by Stephen on Hard Talk.

One thing everyone needs to realize is that change doesn’t come overnight. Yes, election promises were made and one thing I can say about this present government is that they have the political will to turn those promises into reality. As a government, in power for 8 months, they have demonstrated fairness, inpartiality and the will to take unpopular decisions for the good of the country. They still have a long way to go and many many more promises to fulfil, but I am one Jamaican who is willing to give them the 5 years they have gotten to prove themself to the country.

With the uncertainty in politics now, and the possibility of a general election this year, pending the outcome of dual citizenship cases against both parties, we are indeed in for interesting times on the political arena. My hope is that it will not be plagued with partisan political activity, violence, curry favour politics and all the negative action associated with what we call the “silly season” in Jamaica.

What says you?