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Me in my skin


I’m literally counting down the to my vacation. So much has happened this year, personally, financially, professionally, socially, politically, etc. And yet, at the end of the year, I’m thinking about what did I achieve? What did I do differently this year than last year? What did I do to change my world 1 person at a time? I always get into a reflective mood as the end of the year approaches.

Well, this year, I must say that I’m proud of myself on some fronts, not so proud in others, but all in all, loving me more and more each day. It is this love of self that brings me again to making a commitment to myself and ultimately to my loved ones, to make and stick to some lifestyle changes. I’ve made many changes this year, especially in terms of diet and exercise primarily. The food part I’ve improved on but still a work in progress. The exercise part, I keep getting on and off the wagon. It seems that there is just not enough time in a day to do everything there is to do. When you are the woman of a household with man and children to take care of, many times YOU get neglected. So, the time is spent taking care of them, the house, the car, etc. and then, no time left for yourself. I remember the days when I used to go to the beauty salon on a weekly basis to get my hair washed and styled and my nails done. These visits now take place at most 2 times a month, unless there is a special occasion, which I usually don’t have time to go to anyway. It’s not only this that has suffered. I started out a couple weeks back on an exercise regimen. Working out on my eliptical machine which I spent good money on, is now a showpiece in my bedroom. I enjoyed my work out immensely and managed to do 1 hour after going at it for 2 weeks … then came the long hours at work, the getting home later than usual and the focus on getting homework done and then kids to bed. By then I would be physically and mentally drained, enough just barely to take a shower and curl up in bed to watch TV or read a few pages of the books that hold my interest at the moment. My partner and I started exercising together, then came his long hours and I just couldn’t find myself getting out bed at 10:30 at night to go outside for a work out. Yes, I know these things take sacrifices but at the end of it all, where do I draw the line? One thing I’ve learned is that rest is important, and if it’s one thing I don’t sacrifice it’s my 8 hours sleep each day/night. I’ve also done well to manage my stress I think so that’s a good thing.

So, what am I resolving to do now? Really, I just need to maintain my exercise program and I’ll be happy with myself that I’m doing what is necessary to keep healthy. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not about to become a vegetarian overnight. My personal view is all things in moderation, control your portions and you’re good to go. No way I’m cutting out chocolate from my diet!!

Next up on my agenda is VACATION!! Yes! 2 weeks from the dungeons of work. No conference calls, no follow up on issues. No campaigns to launch, no financials to analyze, no marketing collateral to review and approve. No boss! I’m planning to go to Portland while I’m on vacation. I’ve been putting this off for too long, having not been to Portland in over 10 years. I’m sure Stunner will have some great suggestions of things to do and places to go while in the island gem of the west.

So, that’s it after my unintentional sabbatical. Am I welcome back with open arms?

I have no intention of quitting this blog. It is such a great outlet and I really need to utilize it more. As a matter of fact, I’ve started another blog, more professional that I’ll share with you when I think the time is right.

Until then, you can follow me on Twitter @!cooldestinynj

Love you all! Bless up!


Mawga Dawg


I have lost a grand total of 25lbs as a result of my long illness.  And I’m about to start working on losing the next 25 as soon as I am able to start my evening walks again at the jogging trail.

Di devil is so damn busy.  He find every way to get involved in any thing good you undertake.  I started walking in December last year.  2 weeks after I started, I got the flu that lasted straight until the Christmas and new year.  By that time, all the ham and christmas cake set in and you forget about walking out to the back yard much less at the jogging trail. WTF?  So, new year … I laze it out for the first week.  Bam, I’m sick the 2nd week in January and still waiting to exhale from all this crap!  Crap I tell you!

Without getting too much into the details of my ordeal, let’s just say that not eating any food for 2 months is a little depressing to say the least.  I love my food so doing without it for so long … OMG!  No food for 2 months people … I want to know how many of you could do that … honestly!  I’m still in shock and awe that this could actually happen to a person … if it hadn’t happen to me and somebody told me they didn’t eat for all that time, I’d tell them they are a damn liar looking attention and trying to make themself more special than they really are.

I can’t wait to start walking again, plan to do that this week if I feel up to it, next week the latest.  The good thing is that my mind is ready for it, now I just have to wait for my body to catch up.

Bless up people.