To know me is to love me.  I’m a cool girl who is fun, fun loving, charming, charismatic and sexy to boot.  I enjoy the simplicity, beauty and phenomena of life.  I’m the bestest friend anyone could ever have, loyal, caring and there for you whenever you need me.  Patience is a Virtue is my life philosophy  and I believe that all the world needs is LOVE. I’m a lover of life and a lover of love.  I’m up front, straight forward, tell it like it is. Liars and hypocrites are my biggest enemies so don’t ever do me wrong.

This blog is an insight into a little bit of me.  I tend to be private about personal stuff, only showing a little bit of the deeper side of CD, as I’m affectionately called in the blogosphere.  A mother of 2 wonderful children, I fight my own battles of trying to be a mother, a companion and a woman … and I like Cashews and scented candles too 🙂  You’ve just gotta love me!


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