Time Flies Pt 1


It is amazing how fast the time flies by. I can’t believe my last post was one month ago. I missed out on posting about the World Championships in Berlin which showed Jamaican athletes at their best. We had a wonderful showing there, similar to Beijing. I missed out on talking about all the interesting things happening in Jamaica, all the interesting things happening in my life, the recession, etc. etc. etc. What can I say? Facebook is partly to blame. Death to the creators of Sorority House, YoVille, Farm Town and Scrabble Worldwide. They did their best to create interesting activities that kept you coming back for more like a junkie hooked on Propofol and would do anything, sacrifice anything just to get more. I must admit, work has been very hectic for me the past few weeks and I must say, FB has given me solace … my stress relief has come from plowing and sowing seeds of peas, cotton and strawberries, and harvesting them at the market, levelling up and making more money to by a larger farm and an expensive farm house. Oh yes … thank God for FB. But alas, it is completely to blame for keeping me away from you, my few yet faithful followers and for that I humbly apologize. Despite having crops to harvest as I type this post, I made a vow to myself today that I would post and I am living up to that promise to myself.

On another note, today was an extremely shitty day at work. I said to my closest colleague and to the BF that I would like a Red Ryder B-B Gun … similar to the one Charlie wanted on “A Christmas Story” … just to pop a shot on some of the idiotic nincompoops I have to work with, with the hope that it would jolt some semblance of sense into them. Doing the work is hard enough as it is sometimes, but when you have downright imbeciles working with, it makes me want to scream … Funny enough, 1 other manager outburst in the office “A wha do dis mad woman doh eh”. I just had to laugh and ask her if she would like a B-B gun too. It’s amazing what you put up with just to have a job to make ends meet.

Speaking of make ends meet, I would also like to use the B-B Gun on the toll operators who in their absolute wisdom, have raised the Portmore toll AGAIN to TWICE what it was at inception in July 2007. How crazy is that? Mad people. B-B Gun fi dem!

The most important thing that happened in the past month is that I went on vacation for one week. And me and my family went here

And here …

And we had a fabulous time. I was glad to be able to give my children the experience of being on a plane, which they enjoyed thoroughly, didn’t sleep a wink … and they were such troopers at Disney. The more time I spend with them, the more I understand that that is what life is all about, creating memories, loving life and each other.

CD gone to get some shut eye … catch up with you again soon.

Bless up!


Missing Home


I hate being away from my family.  The getting up early in the morning to prepare my children’s stuff for school, the morning rituals we have (like me trying to get my daughter to say good morning to me and her brother before she is properly awake!).  I miss them. 

It is a bitter sweet time when I’m away from them because it is good to get away sometimes from the daily grind and my job offers me that with a little travel every now and then.  So, I’m in Bim for work and you make so many observations that just make you say Hhmmm ..

A bellman that has been at one of the hotels I frequently stay at when I travel, died in February of this year I was told by one of his colleagues.  I always look forward to seeing him and for us to have a couple brief conversations before I go back home.  I noticed I didn’t see him when I got in on Tuesday night so I just figured he was on the next shift.  I asked for him yesterday and found out that he passed away after being ill for some time.  It was quite sad to hear but this year seems to be the year when the grim reaper is making some extra trips around the world.  So many people that I know and a few that have been somewhat close to me have died this year.  I also think about the time that I was in the hospital and my doctor told me that people have died from the condition I suffered from for a few weeks.  All I can say is “Leland, RIP my brother”.

On another note, the hotel had a outside bar-b-q buffet tonight so I opted for that rather than trying to find something on the street to eat.  They had a live performance from a group called “Renaissance” – a man and woman duo with a “DJ” playing tracks.  They sang a few of my favourites so I rather enjoyed rocking to some live music for a change.  When I looked at them I could see that they had done the routine over and over and over again.  There was no zeal to it, no pep in their step, no gumption in their wining, not much a connection with the audience.  I mean, they would end the song and there were no applause until about 4 seconds after the song was finished … go figure.   While sitting there, I noticed that the gym was near by and I saw an old couple go in their, climb on the treadmill and started to work out.  I thought to myself that it must be wonderful to have been married for all those years and regardless of what may have happened in between, in the last years of your life, you can actually enjoy something as simple as walking on the treadmill beside your husband.  Y’all may think I’m just silly, but so many relationships never make it to marriage, so many marriages never make it to “till death do us part”, so many couples can’t stand to be in the same space with their spouse after many many years together.  As silly as it may seem, I found it rather refreshing.  They were actually exchanging a few words and even though I couldn’t hear what they were saying, I’m sure it was some pleasantry or who knows even some dirty talk!  (I love me some dirty talk).

Anyhoo, I’m officilly vex with one of my blog peeps who will remain nameless who is also in Bim and promised to link up with me but has been too busy to pay me any mind!!! Mi vex!

I go home tomorrow and am looking forward to that, but not looking forward to the fat bill I will be getting for servicing my car which I left with the dealer when I left!  Any bankers out there … I may need a small loan :)!

Bless up.

Natural Cures


During my recent period of illness, I had the opportunity to read the book  Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About by Kevin Trudeau.   If any of you have read the book, you would know that it speaks about a few lawsuits short of a conspiracy perpetrated by the medical profession, the drug industry, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Now, I’m not one to be easily brain-washed, and I use that term very loosely.  But, after reading the book, I felt vindicated that there was actually someone else in the world who shared my view.  I guess having grown up in the modern world, we were exposed to so many pills and surgery that could “cure” our ailments.  It is quite disheartening to learn that there are natural cures for so many chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer and Heart Disease that are being surpressed by the FDA that I cry for the world we live in, where the love of money is the root of all evil and it continues to rear its ugly head all around us.  From wealthy people taking poor people’s money under the guise of attractive returns on Investment (Good riddance to Madoff) to drug companies charging an arm and a leg for medication that is not curing any condition to associations claiming to trying to find a cure for ilnesses that are plaguing the world and causing thousands of death annually.

I had a “not so serious” illness and it cost me almost J$1M for medical care including surgery.

There is a lot said about Kevin Trudeau and the fact that he is making millions of dollars doing what he does.  This is someone who has served time for mistakes caused by greed.  The FDA made successful attempts to censor and put him and others out of business.  The truth is, there is a place in this world (and more so the land of America, the land of freedom and opportunity) for everyone – diverse medical opinions, diverse religious views, diverse work ethics, diverse relationship practices.  To each their own.

For me, I am sold on Kevin Trudeau and his theroy about prescription and non-prescription drugs, eating habits and other health and lifestyle practices.  I have made small adjustments to my lifestyle based on what I can afford and what is most convenient to my circumstances.   It just may make me live a little bit longer.

Bless up.

TGIF … Smile


My  Brethren, Ginnal, applied for an engineering position at a Kingston based  firm.  A Trini Engineer applied for the same job and both applicants  having the same qualifications were asked to take a test by the  department manager.

Upon completion of the test, the manager went  to Ginnal and said, “Thank you for your interest, but we’ve decided to give the  man from Trinidad the job.”

Ginnal  asked, “Suh why  yu do dat?  Boat a wi get nine questions rite.
Dis is Jumaika, and me  is Jumaikan, A me shudda get de wuk!”

The manager said, “We have  made our decision, not on the correct answers, but rather on the question that  you both missed.”
Ginnal  asked, “An how in the name of Jesus yu decide sey one wrong answer betta dan de adda?

“The  manager replied,
“Simple.  The Trini boy put down on question #5, ‘I don’t know.’   You
put down,  ‘Me no know eeda.'”

My New Hobby


I have suddenly developed a new interest in Gardening.  I love to see a well manicured lawn, and since moving in to my own home 2 years ago, have done some gardening to make the front of the house look warm and welcoming.  Now, I want to do more with it!  Bring some more colour into the landscape, remove some of my plants that are still in pots and plant them in the soil so they can grow and be nurtured by the natural earth.

I had a plant, not sure of the name but it was a very weird plant, in that, it loves sun, but if you left it in the sun for too long without watering it, the leaves would actually shrivel and wilt.  Immediately upon watering it, the leaves spring back to life in a matter of minutes.  I found it quite amazing.  Unfortunately, for me, the plant met its dismal day when I came home from work to find all the leaves literally dried up – not wilted, not shriveled – DRY!  You can imagine my distress.  I try to be good about watering the garden at least every other day, but sometimes, the bed, the TV and now La La keep me from wanting to go into the garden in the evenings/nights after my children are gone to bed.

Anyway, I took the tree from the front of the yard to the back to see if there was any hope of reviving it.  When I looked at it, the stalks were all black.  I frowned.  I was very sad.  So, I started to remove the dead leaves from the plant.  In the process of doing this, I cut through one of the stalks … and … lo and behold … there was sap!  Yes!  Life!  There was hope.  So, I proceeded to remove all of the dead leaves, and remove the stalks that were really dead.  I then put the plant to the side of the house that gets the least sun and I vowed to bring it back to life.  One thing I was concerned about was the fact that there were no other flourishing plants around this one so, from the plant psychologist world, he would not have inspiration or company to make him want to grow.  So, after a few days of daily watering of stalks and root, I got a pleasant surprise!!!

This is my beloved plant, springing back to life.  I never knew I had a green thumb .. ok, that may be pushing it a bit, but I felt quite proud and vidicated when I saw the first tiny leaf sprouting on the plant.  There are a few more leaves on it.  I have moved it back to the front of the garden so it can feed off the energy and growth of the other plants at the front.  I think I may really have a knack for it.  I know gardening tends to be something for older more mature ladies so I’m concerned that I’m getting “old” … :-\

On another note, I never get tired of seeing Usain Bolt win.  My eyes are on Yohan Blake though .. I think he will be the next big thing in Track & Field.  I hope Kerron wins the Golden League or at least gets to share the US$1M!

Bless up.

What a Sumting


So, the Reggae Sumfest people had a press conference today to talk about the Lifetime Achievement Award they were going to award to Michael Jackson at this year’s staging of the popular concert.  It seems Tito Jackson, one of Michael’s brothers and his band will be coming to Reggae Sumfest to accept the award on his late brother’s behalf and also perform at the show.  It hasn’t been confirmed if Jackie and Randy will also be arriving in the island on July 24 with Tito and the crew.  Also, Michael’s offspring, Prince, Paris and Blanket along with Grandma Katherine will also be coming to Jamaica for a much needed vacation.

All I know is if Sumfest tickets weren’t being sold yet, they will be going like hot bread as we like to say.

Not much to report today.  Just glad it’s almost Friday and looking forward to the weekend.  I should be attending a wedding shower for a close friend of mine with the theme “French Connection Naughty or Nice?” … sounds like fun!

One thing I can say, since I got my new toy, we’ll call her La La … my laptop that is, my sleep time has been cut short since I don’t go to bed until close to 12.  My body not used to that at all!  So, I’ll be calling it a night early tonight out of respect for my body.

G’Night blog peeps.

So …


So, since I’ve been away for so long, you know how it goes.  You have to come out with a new look, a new attitude, a big bang … My very lame attempt at doing that is to change my blog theme.  I can’t believe that after all this time, WordPress hasn’t taken the time to get some new themes developed.  I think almost all, if not all of the theme options have been there since I started using WP how many moons ago.  Even blogspot has made some strides, making me wonder if I did the right thing in moving from them and making me wonder if I should go back from whence I came.  I mean, I was a complete blog virgin, introduced to this wonderful world on blogspot and it’s been no turning back.  As a matter of fact, that was 5 years ago if my memory serves me correctly, and it usually does 🙂

So, what else will be new?  You will certainly learn more about the fun-loving, sexy, raunchy side of CD that I have managed to keep hidden from you all these years.  Only a few bloggers, have actually interacted with me on a personal level and if I dare say, they would tell you that I was one of the most wonderful persons they have ever “met” … right guys???

Apart from Michael Jackson taking up my time, and a terrible bout of tonsillitis I am now getting over, my new mini-addiction is America’s Got Talent.  Yes, yes, yes, I’m a sucker for reality talent shows.  It provides great entertainment when there is nothing else better on TV.  It amazes me that some of these persons actually THINK they have talent.  It is even more amazing when they say “My friends tell me I have a great singing voice and I could be the next Mariah Carey” and they actually believe these nincompoops who just don’t have the balls or the pubic hairs to tell a brother or sister not to waste theirs or America’s time by auditioning.  Mr. Dental Assistant, the Lone Ranger Rockstar that performed on tonight’s show is a perfect example.   I’ve also developed a meek affection for “Royal Pains” on USA.    The idea of a ‘concierge doctor’ as Dr Lawson is known is quite novel to me.  It is interesting to see how the rich, famous, not so famous, sinfully rich live.  When I see these things on TV and even in real life, I understand why God doesn’t make everyone rich.  Some of us couldn’t handle it at all!  Fi real, some a wi woulda tun eediat!

That’s it from me tonight.  Going to do some software updates on ma new baby … then call it a night.

Bless up everyone.  Good night.